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look a new post!

2010-03-19 00:43:30 by dranor44

hello comrades!
if you see this you most likely found me from the link in my art pages.
and right now i have 5 things in the art portal.
im not really going to post while im on this site(unless i have new art or animation)
have a good one comrades!
and, o yes cant forget some starfox ^-^
(no i didnt draw this one)

look a new post!


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2010-04-01 20:51:01

He looks a lot like tails.

(Updated ) dranor44 responds:

hmmmmm... huh, guess he does


2010-04-07 22:31:30

nice drawing! long did it take?

dranor44 responds:

six minutes on internet. as i said, i didnt draw this one.


2010-04-30 23:45:47

um could you hurry up on that rpg i saw in your arts desc

dranor44 responds:

oh yes the rpg... that rpg is an offshoot of RIFTS rpg
sorry i only made up th story for him i didnt make the rpg
sorry for the confution


2010-07-16 17:52:35

Long time no see, my friend!
Wanna drink like in old good times? :3

dranor44 responds:

hello! :3
sorry i have not been on newgrounds much i transfered my art to
its nice there and art is easy to put up
but still, COMRADE!!!!
so whats been up since i've been gone?


2010-08-10 10:42:43

I can tell you didn't draw it XD no offense.

dranor44 responds:

none taken
but i have improved!